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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where in the World is Cap’n Aux? TEX

Cap’n pickin’ away...
 Ask Cap’n Aux where in the world he would love to live, and he’ll tell you two places:  Interlaken, Switzerland, and Telluride, Colorado.

Why? you ask.  Well, several reasons:  Both are mountain valleys brimming with spectacular scenery.  Both host oodles of Cap’n Aux’s favorite outdoor activities, such as hiking, rock climbing, hangliding, paragliding, snow skiing and snowboarding.
One of many hiking trails overlooking Telluride, CO
Interlaken, Switzerland (simulated at ;-)

Finally—and here’s the kicker—they’re both “East-West”-running valleys.

So what’s so special about E-W-running valleys? you ask.
Well, I’ve never met a mountain town I didn’t like, but they usually suffer from one thing:  the sun sets around 4pm.  This bizarre, premature twilight throws the body ‘s internal clock into a funk; by 7pm you’re ready for bed.
But with an East-West-running valley, the sun stays up till its proper bed time.
Cap’n Aux savors his mornin’ java at the famous Baked in Telluride.  But is he a rich, fat cat or a bohemian ski bum?

Crammed up against the western slope of a steep box canyon, Telluride doesn’t see the sun rise till 9am or so.  But who cares?  Being the rich fat, cat you are—or bohemian ski bum—you’re not past the coffee-sipping, headache-nursing stage till nearly noon anyway!
All points in Telly afford  equally spectacular views of Bridal Veil Falls.

And the waterfalls.  Oh, the waterfalls!  Overlooking all of downtown, the 365-foot (111 meter) Bridal Veil Falls dominates the scene from any vantage point.  Waiting for the morning sun to finally strike the frothy ribbon is a daily coffee-sippin’ ritual.
Camp mates and “Sustainable Festivarians” Dewey and Alex chillin’ in Warner Field.
At cocktail hour, the setting sun’s playful rays hilight the Fall’s prismatic strands.
Look closely, lower center:  can you see a gi-normous party a-ragin'?!
Telluride Festivarians absorbing the rays & notes.
And the festivals.  Oh, the festivals!  Each week in the summer, Telluride is host to myriad parties, including film, food, wine and music fests.
Fireman Scotty, Rasta Alex and "Where's" Waldo Festivate!

Telly sports so many fests, in fact, the locals have aptly dubbed their single week off the “Nothing Festival.”
Overlooking Telluride (and of course Bridal Veil Falls!), Pastor Art marries our good friends... Cappy plucks out the traditional bluegrass tune, “Here Comes the Bride!”

But Cap’n Aux’s Favorite is the Telluride Bluegrass Festival.  Each year, religiously, the Cap’n can be found celebrating his birthday and Father’s Day by jammin’ with his “banjer” or “git-tar” around Town Park and Warner field.
“Bluegrass icon” David Byrne—replete with tutu—rips up the stage.

As for the Festival itself, don’t let the name fool you: in Telluride, “Bluegrass” is only a suggestion.  Such international acts as Counting Crows, Elvis Costello, Talking Head David Byrne, Bare Naked Ladies, Alison Krauss and Mumford and Sons have all played the fest.
“President” Sam Bush and the Telluride House Band rock the sunset.

Five fabulous days of fun, sun (and occasional snow!), tunes, drinkin’ and gorgin’ and other summer activities...
be sure to put one of the festivals on your bucket list!

5 Days of summer fun ‘n sun.  But don’t forget your parka, just in case! (Last Day surprise dump, June, 2011!)
Had enough of waterfalls?  But wait, there’s more!  CapnAux hikes Bear Creek trail.

As for the airport, TEX is one of the most unique you’ll ever grease the wheels upon.

Perched atop a steep mesa, at an elevation of 9,070’, the 7,100-foot, V-shaped runway is not for the newly-soloed or faint-hearted. 

Moreover, sandwiched into the box canyon, there’s not much room for maneuvering during a botched approach.  

In fact, the lowest instrument approach still requires "Marginal VFR" rules:  you must descend visually from 2,300' above the airport—that's 11,300 feet MSL!
...and maybe that’s why Cappy drives!
*Check out:


  1. Thanks for the great post, Captain Eric! And beautiful photos too! I might have to add to my bucket list, you're so convincing. :) David Byrne?! Excellent! Snow in June...mmm...not so much. I would have seen enough of it by June. But still, sounds (and looks) like a great place to visit.

    Take care!

    1. Thanks, G! Ya David Byrne along with Counting Crows have been one of my fav's there...along with traditional bluegrasser Tim O'Brien, lol! It really only snows during the Fest about once every 10 years! It's usually more like 70's in the day, 50's at night...gorgeous!

  2. One of my favorite spots on earth as well.....Interlaken. one amazing place!

  3. Hey nice bike you're sporting on the back of your ride! Love the pics!


    1. Haha thanks! I'm really not much of a biker but it's essential to get around town. Mtn trails are a kick there, too!

  4. Replies
    1. That'd be great, Izdiher! I gotta get to Pakistan some day, too! Sorry I'm behind on getting to your blog...this week, promise!!

  5. Good Morning.....Cappy!!!!
    A 'Fun' and 'Upbeat' Post...!!!.......
    What a lovely place......Telluride is...!!!
    The festivals remind me of how fun the Mardi Gras is in the smaller towns.....where it's more 'family' oriented!!
    No excess rowdiness.....and the kiddies can have as much "FUN" as the adults......and aren't we all 'children at 'Heart'......??!!
    Never thought of valleys that fall East/West....before...Interesting.....last year in the was true......that it was dark several hours before...due to the North/South.....direction of the valley....♠
    Nice pics of Cappy having a good time.......and showing a good time as well........
    Maybe one day, 'Cap'...will pluck on his 'ban-jer'..."Dead Skunk in the middle of the road"........for us all.......Ha Ha........:)))
    whether your a 'rich fat cat' or a 'bohemian ski-bum'.....???.....Mmmm....must depend on the color of your TuTu....(guessing)...
    now thats a pic I want to see........!!
    "TEX"......has an iteresting jep chart........Runway 9.....looks 'Wicked..especially at night.........with such a dip towards the middle....Is there a airport 'Terminal'...???
    Probably is best to drive, like you say........Our Country has so many "Beautiful"......places.....Thanks Cappy, for sharing one of Your Fav's with us........!!!!
    Safe Travels.....♠

    HEY.....where do you hide your TuTu....??'s stuffed in the 'Fedora',
    I'LL BET...........;))))))

    1. Ya I love Mardi Gras for the family oriented entertainment! At least most of the debauchery is relegated to Bourbon Street, lol!

      Hmm, not sure if I can to learn "Dead Skunk," lol!

      And the tutu I sport at the Fest is actually....a kilt! Perhaps one day I'll post a pic of it, but I didn't want it to be too distracting in this post, lol!

      And yes, there's actually a nice (if small) terminal there. Once, when I jumpseated in, a little boy on my flight was greeted at the terminal by his family...including his FULL GROWN PET MOUNTAIN LION!!! It was just a sweet little (BIG!) kitty and nuzzled up to the kid...

      Every since then, I've been dying to have my own pet mountain lion...attack cat Tarzan is definitely a fine substitute though, LOL!!!

  6. My husband will never forget his IOE flight into TEX for the first time! The airline he used to work for flew 1900s into TEX, so we spent a fun weekend there in October a few years ago. Maybe someday we'll get to see the Bluegrass festival; that sounds like a good time!

    I think Telluride and Interlaken would both be great places to live. There's something very special about both.

    1. Ah, yes...let me guess: Continental Express/Rocky Mtn. Airways? I used to fly Dash 7's for them...even into TEX a couple (not many) times!

      Ya I'd like to get back to Interlaken some day soon...


  7. Great fun!

    Thanks for making the effort to share!

    D from the UK

    1. Thanks Dave! Always good to have you stop by!!

  8. Hey Cap........

    "Till-U-Ride-US Air"



    1. Haha Julie...we call it "To Hell U Ride," sober or otherwise, LOL!!

  9. Oh Cap.....I think "Tarzan" makes a fine........"Mean-ole-Puddy-Tat....!!!

    but the real reason I'm to address this so called 'Kilt'.....pic...your brandishing at us...LOL....
    whether it's a 'kilt'
    or a 'burka'
    or a 'tutu'........
    or 'barbie' princess'
    or 'hwy orange cone'
    or 'chain gang stripe'
    or 'prom dress mishap'
    or 'elvis on steroids'
    or 'etc etc etc............
    Just don't do like the 'NUNs'............and

    MAKE IT A ""HABIT""...............!!!!!
    bye bye Cappy........FOR NOW........
    MissTWA.....doning her signature TWA 'Red'..fingernails....

  10. YES!! Telluride! I love it there. The 4x4 trails, San Juan Mountains ghost towns, mountain biking at the resort. Great choice. That is where we are thinking of settling down some day. We just bought a small cabin between Siverton and Ouray on the other side of Ophir Pass. I am always on the hunt for a job there. We would probably live in or near Durango. That whole area is God's Country!

    1. Matt--I'm jealous! Can I come crash on ur cabin floor from time to time?! Lol!
      Ya I love DRO area too. Such a tuff commute to home base tho... :-/

  11. What a picture you have painted. Waterfalls, mountains, music, java, friends, drinks, hiking, biking, and lets not forget the scary looking, but what an experience to try at least once...TEX. It kinda looks like a thrill!

    Never been to either place but maybe someday. Switzerland is a beauty of a country, especially all the little towns. I would say my favorite is Grindewald. Amazing glaciers, and terrific views of the Eiger and Wetterhorn. Just a beautiful picturesque little town. Perfect for the adventurous type...lots of hiking and skiing.

    Tarzan the cat of the jungle...looks ferocious...OK, not really. He does have a wild side to him, but he's a sweetie too ;)

    Miss T...Cappie in a tutu would be quite hilarious. Maybe we could arrange to get him a hot pink sparkly one to wear next year at the Blue Grass festival. I'm sure he would fit in quite nicely. Hahahhah! I'm sure anything goes! I'm thinking though that he would burn it...Now, a kilt...he can wear amazingly....well.

    Another shared story of your exciting life that you lead. Danke!


    1. Bitte, Bon!!
      So many gorgeous mountain towns in the world, so little time!

      While I may tend to "open up a vein and bleed onto the page," I think I'll draw the line at the tutu-wearing experience!

      When I get back to my computer proper, if you gals beg properly, I may just post a pic of me in full on Clan regalia--replete with banjo--LOL!!
      Sent from my iPad

  12. I know...I know Cappie! This world is full of beautiful places. Good thing that people like you share some of that beauty through your stories and pics. We are ever so grateful.

    Hmmm! Gotta beg to see a pic of you in your tutu...Uh...I mean skirt...oh shoot...what's it called again??? Oh ya...kilt. Heeheee! Ok...really can you see my puppy eyes looking at you with that pleading..begging look. Ha! Alright..."would you please...pretty a pic? Your audience would be so grateful;}"

    One of your adoring fans...(that was a little thick..huh? Still schmoozing for the pic) Haha!

    Bon ;}

  13. Very nice post and interesting to read .... I love visiting this blog.


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