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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Interlude: 3 Cap'n Aux FIRSTS & the BBC!

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Folks it's gearing up to be a busy week here at Cap'n Aux HQ. Just wanted to clue you in!

Cap'n Aux, blog, avgeek, aviation, jumpseat, airline, BBC
ATC Controller and today's Jumpseater, Brian B!

FIRST UP: Avid Cap'n Aux blog reader Brian B., a PHX TRACON Air Traffic Controller, has secured official permission from his employer (Yes, the FAA!) to jumpseat with Cap'n Aux on today's flights!

This is the FIRST time a blog reader has ever been able to fly with Cap'n Aux—
Let alone JUMPSEAT!

From this historic event, I am planning on writing a TWO Part blog series about it: 1.) His Jumpseat experience, and 2.) My experience touring his PHX ATC facility!

We're throwing a HUGE flight track party over on my FB page: JOIN US! I'm also hoping to Tweet out updates when I can (though not in flight, LOL!), so Friend me over on Twitter at: @capnaux!

As for today's flights, we will traipse up to KSEA and back.


#75 PHX-SEA 1340-1631 Local Time (1740-2331Zulu, or GMT)
#18 SEA-PHX 1740-2033 Local (0040-0333 Zulu)

Which Airline, you ask? That's left as an exercise for the Reader! ;-)

Cap'n Aux, blog, avgeek, aviation, jumpseat, airline, BBC Cap'n Aux, blog, avgeek, aviation, jumpseat, airline, BBC

Brad T. at Airline Pilot Chatter ( and Justin C. at Standing Tall, Being All I Want to Be (!

NEXT UP: After our historic "turn" (fly to Seattle, turn around and fly back), Cap'n Aux is off to KDFW for an overnight. Tomorrow, before check in for the next flight, we are planning on another historic event: lunch with two other blog readers and FELLOW BLOGGERS, Brad T. at Airline Pilot Chatter ( and Justin C. at Standing Tall, Being All I Want to Be (!

This is the first time I've met either one—
So this is doubly epic!

(Note: Brad is on Reserve over at his airline, so it remains to be seen whether he gets to join us, or will get called out on a trip!)

For now, the weather looks like it won't be a factor for our historic runs!
Cap'n Aux, blog, avgeek, aviation, jumpseat, airline, BBC

FINALLY: Much to my surprise, Cap'n Aux blog reader Alessandra S. notified me yesterday that the BBC had quoted me in an online piece!  It's from an article called, "What Airline Pilots Won't Tell You" (

Cap'n Aux, blog, avgeek, aviation, jumpseat, airline, BBC

This is the FIRST time Cap'n Aux has been quoted in a BBC piece —
Hey, who's your "Royal Baby" NOW?!

BBC or not, there's a TYPO in the quote, and it is not the full quote.  So, without further adieu, here's the original quote!:

"There is also an art to revealing just what’s going on without giving away TMI.  While I can’t exactly jump on the PA and say, “Folks, pay no attention to the burning wing,” I also must avoid describing ad nauseum exactly what the mechanics onboard are fixing.  For example, I can't launch into a five minute dissertation of just why our our IAE V-2533-A5 Engine Number 2‘s ECU (Engine Control Unit) on the FADEC (Full Authority Digital Electronic Control) is triggering spurious warnings from the SDAC (System Data Acquisition Concentrator) to the EWC (Engine/Warning Display) without sounding alarmist.  And I certainly can’t say, “The doohicky on the whatchamajig is causing quite a nasty ruckus with that gizmo thingy.”  But I can say, “Our ace mechanics are onboard resetting one of our black boxes.  We should be under way in a few minutes.”
Cap'n Aux, blog, avgeek, aviation, jumpseat, airline, BBC

This quote is from a piece I wrote last year (requoted on Quora where the BBC writer found it), called, "Zen & the Art of Passenger Maintenance" (

It's always a surprise to me to find out that my words have reached the farthest corners of the globe. Writing has always been one of my biggest passions (hence my 2 novels and counting!), and I'm always delighted when readers like you share these gems!

Have a great day, and . . .

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The Best Office View—Part 2!
Cap'n Aux, blog, avgeek, aviation, jumpseat, airline, BBC
Cap'n Aux's Excellent Philippines jumpseat adventure!
Cap'n Aux, blog, avgeek, aviation, jumpseat, airline, BBC, PAL, Philippine Airlines
Departing Wednesday, July 31 @ 11:00 PHX
— — — — — — — — — —
Blogging in Formation Week!
Posts all week beginning Saturday August 3 . . .
Cap'n Aux, blog, avgeek, aviation, jumpseat, airline, BBC

This Month's Topic: Airplane Tales that are . . .
"Stranger Than Fiction!"
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Cap'n Aux Post: Wednesday, August 7

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The Best Office View—Part 3:
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  1. Well now - your fame is reaching new parts!! :) Nice to be quoted in things like that! Blue skies for your trips todays - will be following later (East Coast time!!)

    1. Sorry - meant to add - hope you have a good lunch in DFW - I'm hoping that Brad is going to head to FLL sometime for me to get some shots of his arrival/departure - same as I want to do when you come down to FLL next time!!

    2. Yes, you know those backwoods hicks over in the UK (JUST KIDDING, FOLKS! Mark is a UK transplant!)

      Thank you, looking forward to your Track...don't forget to follow on my Tweets as well!

      Yes I'm very excited to meet both Brad and Justin. J Deuce as we like to call him is relatively new to the blogger world, so make sure to give his page a visit. Brad and I have been collaborating for some time on our blogs, however, so I'm excited to meet him as well!

      You will def. get the heads-up on my next FLL visit. How great it would be to have you get some pics we could post on our blogs!

      Speaking of which, Mark's excellent Airplane Spotting blog is at: !

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