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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2012 Recap—Top Cap'n Aux Posts!

Well the Stats are in, and they are telling.  Looking back on the most popular Cap'n Aux posts of 2012, I have to say, it truly is "the best of the best!"

So, for you cheechackos* who may have missed them, or you sourdoughs who wanna relive 'em, without further ado, here's the Top 8**

(Note: apologies for the occasional difficult fonts to read; some older posts were written in my original web design, which may conflict with the current one.)


The notoriously ill- (or prophetically-) timed Gone with the Hurricane posted the very same week of last year's Hurricane Sandy debacle.  While the story was about my experience evacuating seaplanes during Hurricane Hugo in the U.S. Virgin Islands, late '80s, it turned out to be a very poignant story conveying life in the midst of a natural disaster—at a time when the world was focused on the trials and tribulations of the Eastern U.S. Seaboard.


Go Ahead, Make Capn's Day!
When it comes to safely flying the ship, Cap'n Aux has a Nepoleon Complex.  His motto is:  "Welcome aboard!  Make my day."


A Future Pilot Interviews Cap'n Aux
What started as a high school English project turned into a great blog.  I'm pretty sure my interviewer Cameron got an "A+!"


Answers to the Sandy Hook Tragedy Found in the Christmas Season
After this horrible tragedy, we were all searching for answers.  I believe I found at least some in the spirit of the Christmas season.


Busted Aviation Myths:  Otto is My Copilot
A pet peeve is when someone asks me, "Hey, them autopilots can practically fly themselves, right?"  My answer: "Does your Cruise Control drive your car?!"


Zen and the Art of Pilot Maintenance
Pilots are a notoriously picky lot.  More than just button-pushing, there's an art to the two-man crew.


Flying a Fallen Hero
Another somber post, but with a touching, uplifting ending.  I dare you to try to read this dry-eyed!


Zen and the Art of Aircraft Maintenance
By a factor of two, this one consistently comes in at Number One.  A bit of a head-scratcher, it may be due to the similarity to the famous book, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.  Nevertheless, it's filled with hilarious "squawks," or pilot mechanical write-ups, followed by Maintenance Control's smart-aleck replies!

To make it an even Top 10, here are 2 more of my personal faves:

Dedicated to the memory of my good friend Steve Wilson, a career Alaska bush pilot, this is the true story of a watershed moment in my career—and my life.  A fiction version of this episode appears in my novel, The Last Bush Pilots.

The Girl, the Sold Watch, and Everything:
A Thai Adventure

The hilarious, true story of travel in a 3rd world country.  The simple search for a cheap watch that turned into an excruciating quest.***

Bonus Post! A Pilot Looks at 50****

After turning the Big 5-0 last year, I look back on a career that has seen over two solid years spent in the sky.


Double Bonus!  Last Year's Valentine's Post!
Ask any pilot how he or she got into flying, and you will hear a love story.
One just like mine...


Over at YouTube, my Cap'n Aux page gets lotsa hits too.

First off, if you haven't seen it, here's a quick one-minute guide to all things Cap'n Aux:

Subscribe to my YouTube channel here:

Top Videos:

 30 years in the Life of an Airline Pilot

 Remember my viral vid, A Day in the Life of an Airline Pilot?
(Which, sadly, I had to pull.)  Well, here's 30 years!

Zen and the Art of Landing

2nd in popularity (so far) to A Day in the Life of an Airline Pilot

Santa Drops In
A charming Christmas poem... about a midair with you-know-who!

*Cheechacko: Tenderfoot, greenhorn.  (If you'd read my book The Last Bush Pilots, you'd know this!;-) From Chinook jargon, originally a reference to someone new to Alaska or the Yukon.  chee (“new, lately”) + chako (“to come, arrive.”)
**Woulda done Top 10 if Google woulda given me that data!
***The watch is still ticking—and remains the best 3rd world piece of junk I've ever owned!


Folks, you're gonna be so busy reading thru these posts, I'm gonna take the month off and travel thru the Philippines!  (And maybe do a little golfin' 'n skiin' around the States, too.)

No doubt, I will return with LOTSA bloggin' material!  I'll be sure to keep you posted on my daily adventures on my Cap'n Aux Facebook Page ( thru Twitter (@Capnaux) so be sure to check in!

(Note to all would-be burglars:  Vicious attack cat Tarzan remains on duty prowling my premesis, as does my teen son, 6'3", 230lb, Kickboxing & Glock handgun specialist Tim!)

Posting Feb 13 @ 12:00 PHX:

A Special Valentine's Vlog

A Love Story in (and of) the Sky!


Posting in March!

Cap'n Aux interviews future airline pilot Swayne!

(For a preview, Check out Swayne's blog of flight training adventures over at


  1. Wow. This is awesome. At least I know I have a month to catch up. A great idea to share the best of the best. Have a great time on your time off!

    1. Thanks, Karlene!

      You post so much it would take a month of Sundays to post your Best Of, LOL! Yes, enjoy. I'm esp. happy to feature some of those early ones long buried in the archives that the newer folk probably missed! :-)

    2. Thanks Eric and Karlene for all you guys have done for me!

      You don't know how much it helps me stay motivated when studying some less than enjoyable material for my FAA Written :)

      Many Thanks,
      Swayne Martin blog:

    3. Yes Indeed Swayne......don't ya lose sight of your goals.......and keep up your matter...!!!!!...It's not supposed to be easy......You'll make "Aviation" Proud one day......!!!

    4. My pleasure, Swayne, at! Keep up your awesome posts--and keep up your flight training as well. Can't wait to hear about your first solo adventure, coming soon!!

      And Thank you Miss TWA at for your encouragement as well!

  2. Hey Cappy......Great picks for top 8..of 2012.....!! It surely has been a good year..........and maybe........a quickie visit to MissTWA.....and her several "Posts" on the Cappy turning 50.......for one.........That post.......was such a joy...with all it's twists and turns.......!!!....Please don't miss understand........your folks here would also......get a real kick in the ass.........the day we tracked you live......playing ping pong...accross.......the Country.!!!!!......It's been a fun fun ride............with you........and looking forward to another.....year of fun and sometimes sadness.........bottom line, we "Aviation Geeks" stick together......No matter the road!!!!!!!!! as life marches on.....
    See Ya Up on Cloud 9.....kk...

    1. Yes, Miss T, lotsa fun memories and adventures for just one year!! That track thingy was fun, we'll have to do it again sometime!

      Everybody check out Miss T's awesome fun blog over at!

  3. Hey, Your cat looks just like my TomTom, only far from being an attack cat mine could represent England in the sleeping/eating olympics!

    So much for the top ten posts, I bet I can guess the number one commenter - wouldn't be a certain Crazy Cajun would it??

    Keep 'em coming Cappy

    Dave from the UK

    (gotta go feed the cat)

    1. Haha Dave, you're certainly right about the Cajun commenter--I don't even have to check my Google Analytics for that one!

      You're not the only one that has a similar looking gato--funny, I thought he had such a unique pattern! But, he definitely takes his security patrol duties SERIOUSLY!!!

  4. I remember the time when I wanted to be a pilot (I was 14 years old)! But after graduated from Polytechnic University and became a Structural engineer I wanted to be a flight attendant! May be in another life, who knows!
    Great blog!

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Smaranda, at!

      Looks like you have a beautiful blog over there!

      I did a church mission to Romania in '08--you have a gorgeous country, full of beautiful people--yourself included!

    2. PS--it sounds like your career is doing well...but people jump careers mid-life all the time, so if you're still dreaming of flying the friendly skies...GO FOR IT!! :-)

  5. Dammit Dave......and Cappy.......If I want your opinions, I'll beat em out of ya's......(Smirk).....;)))).....Keep on a clickin and a tickin ....Cappy!!!

    1. I will!

      Oh, guess what...the analog portion of my infamous Thai watch DIED! Guess what my Philippine quest is gonna be!!

  6. All your posts are awesome . They always make me smile.

    1. Thanks so much, Izdiher at !!

      Always a treat to hear from you! Sadly, I'm behind on your blogs. Hope to catch up from the beaches of Philippines, lol! ;-)


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