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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Aviation Book Review: Flight for Safety!

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Say, who is that handsome fella in the pic?

   Ladies and gentlemen, from the flight blog, this is your Cap'n speaking . . .

I am excited to inform you that fellow Airbus pilot/blogger/author Karlene Petitt's new novel, Flight for Safety, the sequel to the highly acclaimed, Flight for Controlis out!

 The one and only Karlene Petitt!

  As you know, I spent this past weekend with Ms. Petitt meeting you folks and signing our novels at the Washington Aviation Association's 31st annual Northwest Aviation Conference and Trade Show.

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A special "Hi" to future airline pilot Scott, from Embry Riddle!

   While my review of her novel may be a tad biased, I can honestly say that it's some of the best damn flying scenes I've ever read!

What's more, she has made this book series the cornerstone to her safety mission. One more airliner accident is one too many, and in this series she exposes—via fiction—some of the dastardly realities of this business that COMPROMISE SAFETY.

Through her novels, she hopes to spark a grassroots movement to propel our industry out of the political whitewash, bean-counting corporate greed mode and into the realm of the truly uncompromising SAFETY FIRST, LAST AND ALWAYS, where it should be!

One of the most famous aviation novelists out there, 
John J. Nance
has this to say:

"Can you handle the truth? Then this book is a must-read!"
John J. Nance Author, Pandora's Clock and Orbit, Aviation Analyst, ABC World News

  The truth of being a professional airline pilot in today’s stressed airline world, the truth about the major new threats to the safety of airline passengers from pilots who aren’t trained to fly anything but computers, and the truth about how political and personal agendas sometimes trump safety and sanity.
see more at:

So now, I invite you to sit back, relax and . . .

   Well, if you start reading, Flight for Safety, you AIN'T gonna be sitting back and relaxing! This sucker is edge-of-your-capn's seat suspense and action, from prologue to epilogue!

   A very real portrayal of life on the line for today’s modern airline pilot. The harsh reality of the pilot’s “glamorous lifestyle” is exposed in all its ugly, very real warts. The exhausting schedules, the insane career volatility, the stress of a merger, the politics, the constant tug-of-war between safety and profits, and the often counterproductive mandates of the FAA—all coalesce into a drama that could easily play out on the stage of any of today’s mega-carriers.

   Airline pilot Darby is an engaging heroine. Fully flawed, complex and prone to human error, she is nevertheless uncompromising in her integrity. And as a conscientious airline pilot with exemplary stick and rudder skills, Captain Darby makes for an excellent roll model.

   As a 20-year veteran of the Airbus-class flight deck, I can attest that the cockpit scenes are spot-on.

(Note to readers: these books are "Rated R," for graphic language, sex and violence. Nothing out of the ordinary for today's contemporary fiction market, but it is NOT a kids book!)

   An excellent follow-up to the harrowing, Flight for Control.

   To pick up SIGNED COPIES of her novels, visit her site at:
Or, read more reviews and buy them directly on Amazon:

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    1. Eric, Thank you so much for the shout!! And love the pictures. So glad you got one of Scott too. Thank you! Thank you! And for everyone else... "LISTEN TO YOUR CAPTAIN!" This is an adult thriller that you won't want to miss. :)

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