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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Interlude: Kick A$$ Pilot-Writers

Cap'n Aux chills with (one of) his favorite aviation books!

As mentioned last week, I’m not the only airline pilot/author type out there, blogging his way across the friendly skies!

Let me chat a little more about a few talented aerial cohorts . . . .

Author CloudDancer is a professional airline captain...REALLY!!!
A personal friend of mine, a very experienced airline captain who goes by the pen name of CloudDancer, is the author of four nonfiction aviation books.  A quote from this revered aviator-author graces the cover of my own latest novel.

Throngs of followers have fallen in love with CloudDancer’s very colorful and unique voice, which sounds something like Mark Twain meets Gomer Pyle (and I mean that in a good way!)

CloudDancer flew the Alaskan Arctic bush for twenty years before becoming an airline pilot

An arctic bush pilot for twenty years before trading his galoshes for epaulets, CloudDancer writes about the wild, whacky and nearly always hysterical trials and tribulations he experienced while flying the Alaskan bush.  Each chapter reads as its own short story, told like a tall tale.  Read excerpts from his books HERE.

CloudDancer has written four full length nonfiction books about his experiences flying the Alaskan bush.
Volume 3, however, is a brutally honest and serious book about, and dedicated to, those contemporary aviators of his whose lives were lost in the mercilous Alaska bush.  This tender volume delivers heartrenching true stories of often fatal accidents, and offers serious life and flying lessons to readers and aviators of all walks and experience.

CloudDancer offers signed copies and other paraphernalia at his online store at  While he does not have a blog per se, CloudDancer is always waxing eloquent with fans in his one-of-a-kind voice on his Facebook page, CloudDancer’s Alaskan Chronicles.


Karlene Petitt —International Airline Pilot, Author, mentor, motivator, speaker, wife, mother of three and grandmother of six.

Ultra-prolific blogger and author/airline pilot Karlene Petitt scribbles away over at Flight To Success 

(  Ms. Petitt is author of the award-winning and highly-acclaimed novel Flight For Control

Just when you thought it was safe to board an airplane, along comes Flight For Control...

Planes are crashing, and no one knows why.  Former NTSB accident investigator Katherine Jacobs, pilot wife and mother, thinks she knows the answer—if only someone would listen.  But as her desperate, unofficial and illegal investigation unfolds—and unravels—the answer appears to lie frighteningly close to home.

Set in the volatile modern airline industry, Flight For Control reads like an aerobatic mystery thriller, with more twists, turns, loops and spins than a flying circus.  But the story goes much deeper than that, raising very serious and very real safety issues about today’s airline industry, run by greedy CEO’s and flown by exhausted, stressed out pilots.

As a fellow airline pilot and novelist, I can attest to the authenticity of Ms. Petitt’s novel, and the serious realities of the industry to which she speaks.  The characters are well-rounded, complex and believable, the plot solid, fast paced and sound, with an explosive ending.  A modern thriller bound to satisfy the harshest of critics!

With one click, readers can purchase an autographed copy of her novel in paperback or hardcover at Flight To Success.

Now working on the much-anticipated sequel, Flight For Safety, Ms. Petitt keeps her blog and book fans entertained with frequent posts at Flight To Success.  Recently, in fact, I was honored to be the subject of her “Friday's Fabulous Flyer" feature, which weekly profiles pilots around the globe, from grizzled airline Cap’n types to pre-solo fledgelings.

With hundreds of followers, Flight To Success is a blog of top-notch success.
Oh, ya, and amidst all that writing, Ms. Petitt somehow still finds the time to raise three kids and a husband, and fly an Airbus for a major airline.  She is also type rated in such venerable airliners as the Boeing 747, 757, 767 and 737, as well as the Airbus A330.


And finally, a quick shout-out for my own two novels, available HERE.

100% of proceeds from Code Name: Dodger and 50% from The Last Bush Pilots go to charity!

The trailer to The Last Bush Pilots:

A portion of all proceeds from The Last Bush Pilots go to the American Bald Eagle Foundation and the Alaska Conservation Foundation.  Visit for more info and excerpts.

The trailer to my first novel, Code Name: Dodger, a Young Adult espionage novel:

100% of all proceeds go to the orphanage charities, and

I am now writing sequels to both books.  Cartel Kidnapping, the sequel to Code Name: Dodger, is slated for release in late 2013.  Water & Air, the sequel to The Last Bush Pilots, is scheduled for release—well, some time!


This post is dedicated to Ryan the Pilot's blog.

After 6 wonderful years, Ryan is pulling the plug and getting back to time with his family.  Ryan, we wish you well!

You can still see his "best of" pics on his FB page:


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  1. What a fabulous post! Okay... what can I say? Part of the requirement of being a pilot is having good judgement. :)

    Thank you so much for the fabulous shout. And... for all the readers, The Last Bush Pilot is a must! A little more how I feel about it tomorrow (Thursday January 17, 2013) on Flight To Success.

    1. Haha I guess it's "Pilot-writer mutual appreciation week!"

      Read your review of Bush Pilots--thanks so much!

      Folks, the link to Karlene's blog

  2. Hey There Cappy....!!.....Love the of your friend...."CloudDancer".......he is a fun Character Indeed!!!!!!!
    I've ordered the first of the his 4 book set.......!!
    So 'non-fiction' that like 'pro-fact'....?? No Seriously...
    Oh and Karlene's "Flight for Control", was delivered in my grimy little paws yesterday...So looking forward to another good read...!!!
    And a Sad day....Finding out that Ryanthepilot's blog...will be gone soon!!!!!!...hit me pretty hard..!!!......and as I said on my blog.....We wish him only the best.....!!.....
    and lovely of you to dedicate this "Post" to him.....!!!

    Cap'n Aux Mobile App....coming on Jan23....Mmmm.....does look interesting....and Thank you for putting a shout out to MissTWA....!!
    I really do appreciate it!!!!!
    later Cappy......

    1. Haha yes I think you'll like the App! On the "Other Blogs" link it generates all posts from my blogroll on the right, in chronological order, so yours will be right in there! ;-)

      Glad to bring you more exciting material to read. Yes, so sad to lose Ryan's wonderful blog!

      CloudDancer's stories are ALL non-fiction...but I suspect he lives by my father's mantra: "Never let the facts get in the way of a good story!" ;-)

  3. I love all things Alaska! I actually have read some of CloudDancer's stories. My uncle has the whole collection and I borrowed one of them. Great Reading!

    1. Excellent, Matt! Have you ever visited his site? He's very friendly and always corresponds with fans. If you liked one book, you'll like them all! Tell 'em Cap'n Aux sent ya! ;-)

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