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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Presenting Cap’n Aux’s 2nd VLOG: 
Landing--like kissing--comes in many varieties.
 Cap’n Aux explores them all!  (Uh, the landing part, mostly.  But also the kissing part.  That too!)

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  1. Replies
    1. Hoped you like, iz! Feel free to post it on your site...after all it's about "kissing,"(ie "love") lol!!

  2. Really cute production! You really outdid yourself, Cappy. Must've taken you a long time to put this together! Well done!

    Do you think this one will go viral like the last? :)

    Funny comparison of kissing and landings...the really good ones leave you breathless. The really bad ones make you sick to your stomach! :)))

    All the best to you, Eric! Gonna watch your video again now. Funny. :)

    1. Haha glad you like, G! Ya was a lot of work but a labor of love.

      Whether it goes "viral" is up to it wherever u like!

  3. Hahhaha! This is such a great vlog Cappie. Not only do we get to find out interesting facts about landing, but you made it even more appealing by comparing it to kissing...what an eye catcher for all to see. Well done...and great efforts I am sure getting it all together.

    Bon ;)

  4. Hey I think you're on to something here! Your VLOGs are fantastic (and entertaining too). Thanks for sharing.

    Ryan (ryanthepilot)

    1. Haha thanks, Ryan at !
      They're a barrel of fun to make, but as mentioned above, a heckuva lotta work! So, not exactly gonna have a new one every week! (At least unless I go to the bare bones simple blogger vid format...but these are much more fun, lol!)

  5. HiYa Cappy.........So True Ryan........That Cappy sure is serving up some real Tasty "Din Din"......!!!
    And I'm not just "Kissing" up either..........;)
    Really 'Cap'.....this is your 'nitch' shoooo!!
    I heard that the worst part of moving from F/O to one who has 4 all that 'kissing up' Pilot flying......(urban myth?)
    That despite the 'On the job training'.........that once in the
    "kissing-up" SIM...."Eval".....
    that going from the 'kisser' to the 'kissie'.....
    is basically learning to turn the "OTHER CHEEK???????!!!!!!.........;0000

    So did you have a "Lip stunt double".....for all that 'puckering'...eshhhh
    OK Ok......I'll give it a rest.......!!

    Your Video is "Awesome".....!!So Damn Hilarious.......It's suit you perfectly...!!!!!!!!

    and don't worry I'll doing more "Critiquing" the days......pass.....I think I've used up all my brownie points.....for today.....;/
    Tomorrow is a new day........
    Great Job.......Cappy.........


    1. Hahaha thanks, dear, funny as always, !

      To clarify, the FO is the kisser, the Cappie the a point! A good FO is never afraid to speak his mind, and a good Captain encourages that! That being said, sadly, FO's always have to put up with the Captain's quirks, and aren't really allowed to have any of their own, LOL!

      Ya hoping this vid will get picked up and distributed like Vlog 1 did...time will tell. Has to do with everybody sharing it...!

  6. Hey Cap'n!

    I'm a lil late but that was awesome!! Sure took some time and you can tell, pays off I bet!
    The ANA 'bouncy' landing was quite a hard one! It had ripples in the fuselage, very recent!
    Love the humor, I will put it up on my blog with the next post...if it allows me to do so. Got some database problem somehow. We shall see!

    Keep up the great work, you're inspiring, motivational and after all great fun to follow!


    1. Thanks, Bas! Glad you like!! Ya the ANA vid goes on to show the ripples in the fuselage. Apparently a total hull loss!
      Let me know if you have any problems posting :)

  7. your posting is very good about VLOG! "ZEN & THE ART OF LANDING"

    1. Thanks, Obat! Hope you learned something...and got a good laugh while doing so, lol!

  8. Hey Eric!

    Your videographer skills are right up there with your piloting skills (just massaging your ego there - having never been on your airplane to my knowledge!)

    Landing like kissing? I hear ya - I can't attempt either without sticking my tongue out! Oops, sorry for that image!

    Keep up the great flying and Vlogging!

    Dave from the UK :)

  9. Might I offer another point in your comparison of landings and kissing? Apparently a pilot can have a GREAT landing by their perspective, all the while the pax think it sucked. I am sure their are plenty of kisses where one person thinks it is great, all the while the other thinks it is the worst ever. Thankfully, this is not the case with my pilot...the kissing part that is ;-)

    1. Haha good point, Joanna! Come to think of it, I get the most compliments from the passengers after my worst landings! Hmm...

      So glad you got a "good lander"!

      Nevertheless, the FO (or wife) always has to say afterward, "Nice one, Captain!"

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