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Monday, May 6, 2013


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"Blogging in Formation" - 6 Aviation Bloggers, 7 days, Starts today!
All this week, I and several other aviation bloggers are writing a themed "Blogroll,"
our first in a new monthly series!
This month's theme: "How I was brought to flying."

Here's a link to our INTRO POST by Brent, over at iFlyblog:

For a great bio on our writer-bloggers, check out Dan's Airplanista:

Tomorrow we'll be over at Karlene's Flight to Success:

Here's a direct link to Karlene's Blogging in Formation post.  Mrs. Petitt wrote about her struggles as a female dreaming to be a pilot, in a time when "girls don't fly."  Read it here:

Tuesday we'll be buzzing Ron's House of Rapp:

Wednesday we'll be right here at Adventures of Cap'n Aux!

Further posts scheduled for:
Saturday: Back to Brent's iFlyblog

Happy Formation Blogging!


  1. We are live! Jumping in feet first!

  2. Testing comment widget one two...

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