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Saturday, September 22, 2012

INTERLUDE: Stop the Presses!

(Note: 100% of my proceeds from book sales go to!)

After 6 "grueling months" of post-production, I am very excited and proud to announce the "Book trailer" to my novel
Code Name:  Dodger

In Code Name: Dodger, Streetwise teen orphan Justin Reed must track down his father's killer and outwit the Pharaoh--an evil CIA mole.

Ya, ya, I know, not aviation-related, but this is a travel and “adventure” blog too, and I must admit I’ve always loved this story!

I SAY AGAIN:  100% of my proceeds go to!
Only $2.99 eBook, or $7.99 print...

Even if you don’t care to read the book (that’s fine), grab some popcorn, enjoy the short 2-minute trailer (co-starring Yours Truly), and tell me what you think!

Direct links to the book (available in eBook or Print) on:

Oh, and, feel free to share to the world!
Direct YouTube link:

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Cap'n Aux

PS:  Also in Post Production: video trailer to my NEW novel, "The Last Bush Pilots," an adventure novel based on my experiences flying the Alaska bush!

I'll be releasing a new site with sample chapters, etc., soon.  Hoping to have the book successfully published and available by the end of this year!

Just as all proceeds from Dodger (a story about an orphan) are being donated to an orphanage charity, I'm looking to donate proceeds to a worthy, relevant cause for The Last Bush Pilots (a story about flying in the Alaska bush.)  Any suggestions out there?


Posting 10/3 at 11:00Phx (18:00z):

THERE I WUZ : Judgement Day Hath Come!

 A teen's first solo.

"Only instinct flew the plane; my brain took a vacation."


 Posting 10/17 at 11:00Phx (18:00z):


"This career is an ADVENTURE—savor the journey!
From your very first flight lesson, you have done something most humans will never do: YOU HAVE FLOWN AN AIRPLANE!"


 Posting 10/31 at 11:00Phx (18:00z):




"Examination of the wreckage and bodies revealed that both occupants were partially clothed and the front right seat was in the full aft reclining position..."


  1. Everyone...WOW!...If you enjoyed the trailor then I highly recommend reading the book. It is absolutely a great read. Keeps you on the edge of your seat wanting more. Ummm...Ya...Cappie is there a sequel coming out?

    So, to all I say....take the plunge, buy it (darn cheap),and take a thrilling ride through this phenominal spy novel. All those with teenagers around, it's rated "G". What a great(cheap) birthday or upcoming Christmas present, for someone it could be. Hee!! (I'm gonna charge ya for marketing pretty soon, j/k)

    Thanks for sharing Cappie. The trailor turned out as the book goes :) Loved it!!!!

    Bon ;)

    1. Haha thanks Bon, my number one "fan!" (Well #2 if you consider Miss T, LOL!) Working on the sequel, "Cartel Kidnapping," as we speak!

  2. I'm waiting patiently for the upcoming novel. I am sure it will be just as thrilling. As for being the # 1 fan...well...I think that Miss T has earned that right. But heck I am right behind her...hahahha! Really though the most important thing is that you have captured me as a reader of your blogs. All are interesting, entertaining, and even sometimes I learn something new about the world, your life, aviation, or whatever the subject may be. So, keep-em-coming and you'll always have your fans.

    Bon ;)

    1. Thanks, Bon! Keep on readin' and I'll keep on writin'!

  3. Oh Hell.........Cappie gonna get his A__ in "Big Trouble"...... Huh Bon..???!!!!!....LOL
    Mmmm......When an A-320 Captain goes 'missing'..........after confusing his "Fan" base...!!!???
    should have paid more attention to 'Basic Math'....Capt'n....... ;/
    Don't look now...but I'm smelling a 'sequel' "Code Name Dodger"......
    perhaps...You'll be the lead character in the last chapter of
    "The "VERY VERY VERY" (LAST) Bush Pilot"......Mmmmmm

    and like Bon says.....Keep em coming Cappy........!!!
    PS....I "DO" recommend your book and it would make an Awesome "Stocking stuffer".....for Kids of all ages...........!!!!!
    Love the trailer......but you will have to try a Hell-of-a-lot Harder, to look
    "Mean" and "Despicable" ........!!!!
    MissTWA(your #1 Pain in the A__)Fan

    1. Mean and despicable?! I play the "hero," LOL!

      And YEP, CND sequel ("Cartel Kidnapping") is halfway written! But, it's on the back burner while I polish The (very very very) Last Bush Pilot(s) for publicay-sheee-yon!!

      Thanks for the thumbs-up on CND--don't forget to post a comment on Amazon or your favorite book store site from whence you purchased!!

  4. Cappy, will do.......and leave a comment where, I purchased your book..........Yea, and let them know, I still wanting my money back.............LOL...........KIDDING.......!!!!!!!!!!!

    HOLD YOUR HORSES.......CAP....!!!!
    I know you're the 'Hero' your book, Aren't you "SUPPOSED" be looking 'Mean' and 'Despicable' to the Bad guys........????!!!!
    quit being so damn technical..........;)))))

    I am really looking forward to your "Post"........where you talk and mentor, the kids out there, the good, side and the determination,one must have to make it becoming a pilot....
    and like you say,help sow seads to the future pilots out there.....Your wealth, of knowledge, and advice you can 'Share' those young adults, who may be on the cusp.....of deciding their future!!!!!
    Your story is full, of "adventure", and perhaps, if they can see, through your eyes, there's nothing better than 'real world' advice...............!!!!!


    1. Well, you know my motto: "An airline pilot by day, writer by night, and kid by choice!" But I realized I could easily play the CIA mentor... but the 14-yo street kid, not so much!! for the Interview, you're asking a lot of one post, lol! But yes I do talk of the realities of the career, not so much "how" to get there (other than grim determination...and MONEY!) But I think you'll really enjoy it; the interview went very well!

    2. OH, though I am the kid's skateboard stunt double in a couple scenes, LOL!!--NO, REALLY!! CHECK THE CREDITS, LOL!!!

  5. Yep..........Cappy, you do like to keep the "Authorities(law)"....... guessing.....LOL......
    lets review..........your a "Pilot" by day
    "Writer", by night
    "Kid" by choice..........

    and all the names........Mmmmm
    Captain Eric
    Capt'n aux
    Pilot Flying
    AARP Inductee
    keeper of the 'bucket list'
    skate board(stunt double)....yea right

    Oh and stop "beating around the "Bush" pilots.....and get your story straight.............LOL
    You know I'm joking.......Now, let me go and back and do some "SUPPPPER Duuuuper......Sloooow MOOOOOOO" with those "Skate board scenes...........!!!!
    YEP, I Thought Sooooo......if you Super slow those 'skateboard' scene's you can.....still see the "Shadow" of the 'wheelchair'.....can't block everything out......Old Man.........;)))))Mmmmmm;/


    1. Wheelchair?!?! It was only a WALKER, dammit!!!!

  6. Hello Captain
    This is the first "Book trailer" i've ever seen, and i can say the best one!:)
    that makes me decide to read the next 228 pages :)

  7. Cappie...What a fantastic idea to give all your proceeds to Warm Blankets. I think that is truly an amazing and humble gesture. I like:) Your gift to them no matter how big or small will be greatly appreciated, and definitely needed. I thank you...

    I am so excited to hear about your First Solo Flight. How old were you? Solo does mean that you had to fly the plane alone. As in just your ass in da plane??? Right?

    The Morbid Halloween Darwin post sounds like its gonna be hell-a-funny. I bet you have come up with some over the top pics of dumb *ss people, doing some pretty stupid things. Hahah! Can't wait...

    Looking forward to your sneak peaks of the Last Bush Pilot. I'm kinda thinking this is gonna start becoming a PT job for some of us reading all your blogs. Hahahha! Really though, we appreciate your enthusiasm to share with us your adventures. I can't believe that you may have the actual book published by end of year. That is fantastic. Would be a great Christmas present. Hint..Hint! Hee! Again, looking forward to another great read.

    Bonbon :)

    Bonbon :)

    1. Thanks, Bon!!

      Yes, I wanna let ppl know I'm not pushing my book for my own selfish greed, lol, I just wanna get my story out there!

      As for my solo...well, you'll know all about it in 24 hours, lol!

      Halloween post turned out UBER-funny and I'll probably release it early, hint hint!

      Just finishing the final touches on the Last Bush Pilot trailer, which I'll release here SOON--probably as an "Interlude"--stand by! While I'd love to get the book released in time for Xmas stocking stuffers, I'm going thru the manuscript with a fine tooth comb and reality is a release date closer to early next year. Depends on how much FREE time Cappy has at FL 390 on autopilot flying coast to coast in a straight line, LOL!!!

    2. Valuable writing , BTW , if your business has been looking for a 2015 CA FTB 3522 , my company used a template form here or

  8. Well, I think that is an admirable thing to do. I'm just sayin'! Sharing your life & story gives others a chance to see the real world. Great idea you had from the start. just wont give an inch..huh? LOL...It wasn't like I was asking a lot of questions about the Solo flight. Hee! Just one teeney tiny one, ok maybe two. Sheesh! "Sigh"...I guess I'll wait another 48 hrs. "Sigh" :)

    Now I like the idea of an early release on the UBER-funny Halloween post. Now you're talking. Ummmm! How early? Ok..ok..I will quit bugging ya.

    Ha Ha! You take your time and make sure the book is what you want it to be. Oh...And I'm sure you get plenty of free time up there flying on auto pilot. Lol! Just put up a Do Not Disturb Cappie-Writer at Work sign. :)

    Trying to be patient for all the release dates.....Bon ;)


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